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Ok, so let's say your school band is marching in the Rose Bowl Parade; they need money for this trip; they need a unique fundraising product...

...something new, something that people want to own.  An item that yields a high profit margin so the band can spend more time practicing and less time door-to-door selling.

Customize a Charity Charm for your intended purpose!

(...that was easy!)

Now select a charm color that suits your group; for example, the school colors:

Here's the fun part!  Let's put your logo or emblem on the glass charm:

Utilize the logo charm bead or cabachon component in your own jewelry or other product.  Or, order finished product from us.  Charms available in Necklace Pendants, Keychains, Zipper Pulls, Bookmarks, and Wine Charms. 

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